How to contact your deceased loved ones 

without being a trained medium or "born with special gifts"

Yes, please teach me how to do it myself

Hi, my name is Anja, and I can teach you how to get in contact with a deceased loved one yourself.

In 1997 I lost my father. Several mediums told me that he was still with me, but it wasn't until I got in contact with him myself in 2010 that I was truly convinced. My belief turned into a known: He was and is still here!

I learned the method from Afterlife explorer Bruce Moen, and now I'm teaching it to you.

  • Anja Lysholm

    “Yesterday I was able to contact my deceased brother Kim through Anja's course. ❤️ [...] One thing is that clairvoyants have said that Kim is with me, but actually SEEING and SENSING him myself was huge 🙏 [...] He gave me a piece of information that noone could know. But I didn't doubt my experience at all, it was so strong and clear. Thank you, Anja ❤️”


  • Anja Lysholm

    “I think you have a great way of teaching that leaves room for us to have different experiences. I got more out of it than I had hoped, as I received healing along with the contact and was cured of neck pain.”


  • Anja Lysholm

    “I think it was a nice course with a good atmosphere and really good energy. I am super happy with all the material I will continue to practice. Thank you very much for a really good course.”


Here's what you'll learn:

  • how you can contact your deceased loved ones yourself
  • to use the feeling of love as fuel (and protection against bad experiences) 
  • to get in contact with non-physical helpers (some people call them guides or angels)
  • to use the overlooked key to getting non-physical contact -- a key most people resist
  • why you shouldn't be afraid to do it on your own
  • the importance of setting an intention
  • how to get your own proof that your experience was real.

All of this in five short, easy modules.

This is what you get the second you sign up

  • 23 videos where I teach you everything you need to know to have contact
  • a 35 minute guided process that lovingly guides you into contact with the person you have lost
  • an adjustment section for you who might not have experienced the contact on your first try, so you can learn what you can do different next time (remember, you can access and use this process as often as you need to!) 

All in an easy to access online library where you can go through the lessons as often as you need to at your own pace.

 Your one time investment:

88 Euro

You can pay it in two installments if you need to ❤

How does the online course work?

When you have bought the course, you'll immediately get an email with your personal login, which gives you access to all of the content at once on a closed online platform. 

The course has 5 easy, short modules.

If you have any questions along the way, you can contact me directly through email.

  • Anja Lysholm

    “You are thorough and treat your participants with respect. I felt safe and well guided. Thanks <3”


  • Anja Lysholm

    “I love your voice and deep guided meditations. Highly recommendable. :-)”

  • Anja Lysholm

    “Anja, listening to your meditations is just the best, your amazing calm voice.”


Who is your teacher?

My name is Anja Lysholm, and I was born in 1972. In ’97 I lost my father to cancer, and that ignited a deep curiousity in me to know where we go when we die. That curiousity took me on a life long journey of exploring consciousness.   

Today I teach people how to explore the Afterlife using Bruce Moen's method, and I teach the Monroe Institute method of exploring consciousness.

Peace, love, happines, sensuousness and consciousness are key words in my life. I love to immerse myself in the mysteries of life, and it is my calling to convey tools for that immersion. 

Frequently asked questions and answers

How is afterlife communication possible?

As we incarnate we project a piece of our total consciousness into a physical body here on earth. When the body dies our consciousness is still intact. Nothing disappears. And that's why we can still contact the piece of consciousness that was once the physical person that we knew.

Can you contact someone if they are reincarnated?

Yes. It's not the same personality that is reborn, so the person we knew, still exists as that person even though another part of that person's total consciousness has been born in a new body. 

Can you contact a deceased person who spoke a different language?

Yes. Language is no hinderance. There will be a "translation" through our non physical senses.

Won't I need special gifts to contact a deceased person?

Not at all. Some people seem to be naturals, but it's the same as playing the piano: We can all learn, even those of us who don't seem to have a "natural gift". For us it will just take a little more practice.

Should I wait a while before contacting someone after they died?

There's no reason to wait. You might experience that there's a period where you can't get in contact, but then your non-physical helper (that you learn to work with in this course) can let you know why the person is not available at the moment. I usually compare it to calling someone on the phone. Sometimes they can't answer your call. But it doesn't necessarily have anything to to with time.

I believe some people can contact deceased loved ones, but I don't believe that I'm one of them

I understand. Doubt is a big thing for most people. And some of us need to learn and train these abilities for some time before we can do it, or rather: before we are aware that we are doing it. We're learning a whole new set of senses here (those are our non-physical senses), and many things can block our perception. This is why I created this online course. We can all do it.

Is it dangerous?

No. This is loving communication with people you know and love.

I know that some people have had scary experiences with ghosts, and that might make them warn you about doing this. But the fact that something scared somebody doesn't mean that it's dangerous. It only means that someone was frightened of something they didn't know what was and how to handle. Through this course I'll be your safe "tour guide", and again: This material only focusses on loving communication with someone you know.

Can you guarantee that I'll get the contact I want?

Unfortunately not. Just as I can't guarantee that you'll get in contact with someone you call on the phone here in the physical world. I wish I could. But what I can promise you is that you will get the knowledge and the tools you need to get the contact you want. And I can tell you that when I teach this method in physical workshops about 80-90 % of the participants experience verified contact. (This doesn't mean that 10-20 % have no experiences, they are just not able to verify them during the workshop. Often verification comes later.

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