Going to Italy - yay!

I've been invited to teach Bruce Moen's Exploring the Afterlife workshop in Italy in February 2019. I have never taught it abroad before - only once for a small group in Denmark where I live - so I'm really excited about this wonderful oportunity.

That is also the reason for this new website in English. So far I've never had the reason to communicate with anyone outside of Denmark about these things, since this is where I've been teaching - in Danish.

But this Monday I was introduced to the Italians who might be interested in going to this workshop during a Facebook Live event with Davide Rozzoni from Hemi-Sync Italia , who is arranging it. And reading and hearing all the interesting questions they had about Bruce's work, has inspired me to write something about it in English as well.

I hope you'll enjoy it. It is going to be about the things I've learned from Bruce, and of course my own experiences along the way.

Now, let's go explore!

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