Tom's Park: A virtual imaginality game

Thomas Campbell, who was a big part of developing Hemi-Sync and the exploration tools developed at The Monroe Institute, together with Robert Monroe, has taught his own exploring consciousness workshops for years. There's much more to be said about Tom and his wonderful work, but I'll leave that to his own website. :-) You can also go watch the hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube videos with Tom.

What I want to recommend here, is his latest tool called Tom's Park, which I bought recently and started using (or rather visiting) with great pleasure.

Get Tom's Park: A virtual imaginality game here

If you have never worked with either Monroe's tools or Tom's own, you might feel that the book describing Tom's Park lack some instructions. I did, even though I've been teaching these things for years. I haven't been able to find anywhere in the book where it says to sit down and relax or go into a meditative state and THEN visit Tom's Park from there in your imagination. It's sort of implied when you know Tom's teachings. Well, if you don't, and you need more instruction, you might want to buy the online version of his workshop too and go through that first.

Get Exploring Consciousness and the Larger Reality with Thomas Campbell here

But you CAN also just get Tom's Park, read the description of the park, and go for a trip there in your imagination. See what shows up for you.

Buy the map

Justin Snodgrass (who has also created beautiful artwork about his explorations in consciousness) has created a visual map of the park that can be bought at his website

Tom's Park Map