I believe that consciousness is everything, and everything is consciousness. 

I teach The Monroe Institute's weekend workshop "Exploring Consciousness" here in Denmark, and I have been since 2013. 

I read Monroe's books in 2001, and they contained an explanation for a strange phenomenon I had experienced while grieving my father's death in 1997. 

One night as I went to sleep, I prayed to have a spiritual experience. I had read so many books about spirituality and life after death, and it all sounded so interesting, but I didn't want to be a believer. I wanted to know for myself. So I said my prayer and went to sleep.

That night I woke up feeling like someone had connected my body to a light socket or something. It felt as if there were electricity all around and inside my body. At the same time I felt like I was floating a little bit above my body even though I knew perfectly well I was on my mattress. I felt perfectly calm as I wondered what on earth was going on.

Then I remembered my prayer and thought "oh, perhaps this is the experience I asked for -- so now what?" But nothing else happened, and eventually I fell back asleep.

I asked every spiritual person I came in contact with since about what that experience might have been, but nobody could give me an explanation, so eventually I gave up figuring it out. Until years later Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body was lent to me by a new friend, and there was my experience in someone else's description.

I devoured that book, and that same night I had my first conscious out of body experience. I was hooked!

I visited The Monroe Institute in 2008, and in 2013 I became a trainer myself.

I've never succeeded in learning to go out of body at will, but fortunately Bruce Moen, whose (first two) books I've translated into Danish, taught me that was not the only way to visit other dimensions. There were much easier ways. Ways that I'm now also teaching through Bruce's method. In 2017 I became certified to teach his Exploring the Afterlife workshop.