Essential oils - healing you one drop at a time

One of the most extraordinary things to show up in my life was doTERRA's essential oils.

They are profound healing helpers, and on this page I'll be telling you more about them and about my own healing journey with oils. 

You might need to change region if it's set to Danish by default, but you can easily do that by clicking thee button that says "Danmark - Dansk" and then clicking "Skift omrade" (or change to English and then Change Region).

It's an affiliate link, so if you use it, you will support my business, so thank you for that. :-) You will also get a 25 % discount for signing up with a doTERRA membership. The membership has absoutely no obigations to buy anything, ever.

By signing up through me, it's my job and pleasure to teach you anything you need to know about the oils, so please let me know if you have any questions. They also have an amazingly friendly local customer service, and if you need that at some point, you can find their contact information here:

They have some nice starter kits with great savings.

These oils are the purest on the market, so they can safely be used for all the health and therapeutical benefits the plants can offer. Most other brand's essential oils can't be used internally, for instance, and that is safe to do with most of doTERRA's.

By the way, if you have a VAT number, you can sign up as a business and buy the oils free of VAT (I think that might require a call to their customer service if you want to do that from the beginning, and you can mention my sponsor ID 7839342). The cost is probably deductable from your taxes as well if you use the oils in workshops or treatments -- or choose to get into the business opportunity they offer. If you want to know more about that bit, let me know. That part is not at all nessecary to buy and enjoy the oils, just a nice opportunity for those of us who go nuts about them and can naturally incorporate them in our existing business. :-)

My Danish upline, Christine Eilvig wrote a free ebook about the oils that you can download here: Life Essentials