How to contact your deceased loved ones

When Bruce taught me to teach his Exploring the Afterlife workshop I had performance anxiety and never did the workshop as long as he was able to travel to Denmark and do them himself. But it felt like a waste not to do something good with what he taught me, so using his method I created a short and simple online (and offline) course on how to contact a deceased loved one. I told Bruce about it and about the people it helped, shortly before he left this earth, and it brought a smile to his heart, as he put it.

I'm sure he smiles again today as I'm launching this online course in English. If you know of anyone who could use this knowledge to contact someone they miss, feel free to share this link with them:

And please note: This course is NOT Bruce's Exploring the Afterlife workshop. It is a course specifically created to help people contact someone they know, and it is very much based on his work.

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